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Food & Drink in Shinshinotsu

Shinshinotsu Onsen (Michi-no-eki Shinshinotsu) is the best place to eat. It also has a small souvenir shop that sells several local specialities.


This restaurant is located within the Tappu-no-yu with views of the lake. Serving a wide variety of dishes using local rice and vegetables, such as the ankake yakisoba (あんかけ焼きそば ● stir friend with sauce) and vegetable curry. In winter, it is the best place to get wakasagi-no-tempura (ワカサギの天ぷら).

▶︎ もみの木 ● Ground floor of Shinshinotsu Onsen Tappu-no-yu ● 11.30am-8.30pm

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