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Meat Dishes & Yakitori

Local beef (和牛: wagyu), pork (豚肉: buta-niku), chicken (鶏肉: tori-niku) are widely available in Hokkaido. Deers (鹿肉: shika-niku) have been part of Hokkaido diet.


Jingisukan (ジンギスカン: Genghis Khan) is Hokkaido-style popular charcoal-grilled mutton (lamb or suffolk) barbecue, but keep in mind that most mutton meat (at least 95%) is imported from overseas. A few high-class barbecue houses serve local mutton (hitsuji-niku). Jingisukan is also served at the most beer gardens.


Hokkaido’s yakitori (焼き鳥: charcoal-grilled meat and onion on skewers) culture is unique. Commonly yakitori is skewered chicken with salt. However Muroran and Southern Hokkaido are often served skewered pork with tare (sauce) and karashi (mustard). Bibai is home of motsu-kushi (もつ串: skewered chicken organs). All yakitori places offer beer, sake or shochu.

Hokkaido Plus’s Top Choices

Sapporo Bier Garten (サッポロビール園) A gorgeous red brick building attached to the Sapporo Beer Museum, this all-you-can-eat dining hall is a great spot to for jingisukan (mutton barbecue) with draft beer.

Asari Honten (阿さ利本店) Hakodate’s most famous sukiyaki restaurant occupies the wooden building that was replaced from Aomori. You can try tasteful sukiyaki (hot pot dished of thinly sliced Japanese beef and vegetables in soy-flavored sauce) in a retro tatami-mat room. Reservation recommended.

Tatsumi (たつみ) Bibai yakitori (skewered grilled chicken) is a local speciality since the colliery-era, Tatsumi serves motsu-kushi (various meat of yakitori) and motsu-soba (soba with two yakitori). Take-away is available.

Torisei (鳥せい) Tokachi’s famous yakitori (grilled local chicken skewers) chain serving a variety of chicken dishes. We recommend the wakadori sumibi-yaki (charcoal-grilled chicken) and karaage (fried chicken).