About 10km northeast of Obihiro, this serene riverside onsen resort (十勝川温泉) has a variety of hotels. The moor water contains organic matter of vegetable origin.

Whooper swans congregating on the bank of the river from December to March.

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Garden Spa Tokachigawa Onsen

(ガーデンスパ十勝川温泉) This modern onsen complex has sophisticated indoor and open-air baths. The Spa Garden is mixed bathing, admission includes bathing suit and towel rental. Children will need to bring a swimsuit. There are also four eateries and a free ashi-yu (open-air footbath).

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(彩凛華) Every winter from late April to late February, around 300 triangular pyramid-shaped objects set up in Tokachigaoka Park (十勝が丘公園) and blink colorfully with music at night. The park is about a 10-minute walk north of the Garden Spa.

Tokachi Nature Center

(十勝ネイチャーセンター) This outdoor adventure center offers canoeing and wildlife watching on Tokachi-gawa, hot air ballooning at Tokachigaoka Park early in the morning, plus cycling and walking. It is inside the local tourist information center.

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Getting There

From Obihiro Station bus terminal stop 6 or 7, Tokachi Bus 45 runs to Tokachigawa Onsen (6-8 daily; 25min; ¥500), stopping at each hotel and the Garden Spa and continue to Tokachi Ecology Park. The last bus from the Garden Spa back to Obihiro is at 7.01pm.