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Tokachi & Obihiro

Crossing the Karikachi Pass, there is real Hokkaido.

The magnificent Tokachi is Japan’s ‘Agricultural Kingdom’, with endress picturesque countryside and beautifully mountain ridges. Friendly chefs making delicious sweets, buta-don (pork bowl) and handmade soba from local produces. The nature-rich Northern Tokachi offers soothing onsen, serene lakes, hiking trails and civil engineering heritages. The vague and marshy Tokachi Coast lies on the Pacific Ocean, and the popular destination of sea fishing and the ‘jewelry ice’. Obihiro is a good base of explore throughout Tokachi.

Points of interests in Tokachi & Obihiro

Tokachi & Obihiro e-Brochure Rack

This rack holds the following e-Brochures for Tokachi Region and Obihiro City.