Nukabira Gensenkyo (ぬかびら源泉郷) is a tranquil onsen village on the southeastern side of Daisetsuzan National Park. It is a good base for hiking and cycling around the artificial lake Nukabira-ko and makes a satisfying detour en route between Obihiro and Asahikawa via Sounkyo.

Points of interests in Nukabira Gensenkyo

Getting There

Tokachi Bus 51 runs from Obihiro Station stop 6 to Nukabira Gensenkyo Ski-jo-mae (ぬかびら源泉郷スキー場前: 4 daily; 1hr 45min) via Shihoro, Kamishihoro and Nukabira Gensenkyo Eigyosho (十勝バスぬかびら源泉郷営業所) bus station.

From Asahikawa, the intercity bus North Liner Mikuni-go (via Sounkyo) runs for Obihiro and passes through Mitsumata, Horoka Onsen-iriguchi, Nukabira Gensenkyo (2.5hrs). Nukabira Gensenkyo bus station has a ticket office.

Onsen Experience

There are no bathhouses, but most accommodation with 100% free-flowing onsen are open for higaeri nyuyoku (日帰り入浴: day use). Day bathing costs from ¥500. Onsen Park (温泉公園) in the village center has a modern free ashi-yu (footbath) with free wi-fi.

Higashi-Taisetsu Nature Center

(ひがし大雪自然館) Right opposite Nukabira Gensenkyo bus station, this modern and friendly nature center has interesting displays, such as stuffed animals and butterfly specimens, on the eastern side of Daisetsuzan National Park. It is a very good base for wander around Nukabira and you can rent bikes (from ¥500 per day).

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Nukabira Dam 

(糠平ダム) About 2km east of Nukabira Gensenkyo, the 1956 Nukabira Dam is 76m-long and 293m-high in the deep valley. The dam itself is not open to all, but nearby the viewpoint offers good views of the lake and mountains.

Hokkaido Higashi-Taisetsu Nature Trail

(北海道自然歩道 · 東大雪の道) From the railway museum, a 8km-long leafy rail trail on the old Shihoro Line heads north to Metoseppu along the western shore of Nukabira-ko, across the old arch bridges. The Railway Museum sells a kuma-yoke (bear bell).

Higashi-Taisetsu Arch Bridges

(ひがし大雪アーチ橋) Constructed from 1936 to 1955 on the old JNR Shihoro Line between Kuroishidaira and Mitsumata, 34 concrete railway arch bridges along Route 274 are preserved as a historical heritage today. The Railway Museum and the Nature Center has free arch bridges maps.

Heading outside Nukabira, the longest arch bridge is Dai-san Otofuke-gawa Bridge (第三音更川橋梁: built in 1936) across Sensuikyo gorge, about 6.5km east of the nature center. The nearest bus stop is Kuroishidaira (黒石平).

About 300m north of Horoka snow removal station car park (幌加除雪ステーション) near the old train station, you will find Dai-go Otofuke-gawa Bridge (第五音更川橋梁: built in 1939) from the road bridge.

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Taushubetsu Viewpoint

(タウシュベツ展望台) About 7km north of the Railway Museum on the nature trail, you will be able to see the 130m-long Taushubetsu-gawa Arch Bridge (built in 1937) on the lake when the water level is low.