An easily accessible place from Kutchan, the rural town of Kyogoku (京極) is famous for its mineral water (名水: meisui) springing from Yotei-zan. Surprisingly about 800,000 tourists come to Kyogoku for drinking water each year.

Fukidashi Park

(ふきだし公園) Near the michi-no-eki Meisui-no-sato Kyogoku (8am-6pm, to 5pm Nov-Apr), Fukidashi Park gushing out the 80,000 tons of mineral water every day, stocked by Yotei-zan for decades.

Just a short walk from Fukidashi Park, Kyogoku Onsen (京極温泉) has open-air baths with a good mountain view

Getting There

From Kutchan Station, Donan Bus runs to Kyogoku (28min) bus terminal. From there It is a 15-minute walk west.