With many kajuen (果樹園: orchards) scattered the countryside between Yoichi (余市) and Niki (仁木), so you can experience fruit picking from mid June to early November. It is worth stopping to stroll if you are passing.

Seasons of fruit picking

  • Apple (りんご: ringo): September to early November
  • Cherry (さくらんぼ: sakuranbo): mid June to mid August
  • Grape (ぶどう: budo): August to October
  • Pear (なし: nashi): September to October
  • Strawberry (ストロベリー: sutoroberii): mid June to mid July

Yamamoto Sightseeing Orchard

(山本観光果樹園) Yoichi’s most foreigner-friendly orchard spread on a hillside overlooking the bay. You can fruit picking such as organic strawberries, cherries, peaches, grapes and apples. Take-away is available up to 2kg. It is about 4km southeast of the train station. A taxi from the station costs around ¥1200. More info www.fruits-yamamoto.net

Yoichi Sightseeing Orchard

(余市観光農園) Located at the west side of the sports park, this modest orchard has a small onsen. It is accessible on foot from the train station.

Getting There