JR Senmo Line (釧網本線) runs east side of the wetlands along the serene river of Kushiro-gawa (釧路川). For the fine views, sit on the left side heading from Kushiro. You may find it a convenient stopover to look over the wetlands and lakes.

Points of interests along Kushiro Wetland East Side

Getting There

From June to late September, Kushiro Shitsugen Norokko Train (釧路湿原ノロッコ号) has two daily runs slowly from Kushiro to Toro (50min; ¥640), stopping at Kushiro-shitsugen (23min; ¥440).

Hosoka Viewpoint

(細岡展望台) This popular viewpoint is open throughout year and easily accessible on foot from JR Kushiro-shitsugen Station (10-minute). You can see the wetlands and meandering streams from here. The Hosooka Visitors Lounge near the viewpoint has a cafe.

Sarubo Viewpoint

(サルボ展望台) A 20-minute walk north of JR Toro Station along Route 391, the wooden steps lead to the viewing platform of Sarubo where the panorama of lakes and marshes.

From the viewpoint, a walkway leads to Sarurun Viewpoint (サルルン展望台) and the hidden 79m trigonometrical point (三角点: sankaku-ten).

Shirarutoro-ko & Ikoi-no-ie Kayanuma

(シラルトロ湖・憩の家かや沼) On the western shores of Shirarutoro-ko, this 100% onsen has several indoor bathtubs and a lake-front open-air bath. This onsen also runs a budget accommodation (around ¥4000 without meals) and a restaurant (11.30am-2pm & 5.30pm-8pm). It is a 10-minute walk south of JR Kayanuma Station.

More info www.sip.or.jp/~ikoinoie