About 25km northwest of Haboro in Rumoi Region, Yagishiri-to (焼尻島) is something like a remote Scottish island that has a sizable sheep farm, native yew forest and coastal wildflower gardens.

Yagishiri has a 12km-long perimeter road that runs along the coast. Locals advise to go around the island from Onko Gensei-rin to the southern coast by bicycle (roughly two hours) or on foot (roughly three hours).

Points of interests in Yagishiri-to

Getting Around

You will find the rent-a-cycle shop Umehara (レンタサイクル梅原: May-Sep) at the ferry terminal. At ¥800 for two hours or ¥1000 for a one-day (incl left-luggage). Rental cars and scooters are not available.

Onko Gensei-rin

(オンコ原生林) The inland hills have walking trails (bikes are also available) through the impressive Onko Gensei-rin (Japan’s largest yew forest), offering quiet spots such as the Onko-no-Sho (オンコの荘) with ocean views, parks and mini valleys. The main entrance is about 700m south from the Kohei Kaido Monument on the coast.

Suffolk Sheep Farm

(めん羊牧場) Occupied the central part of the island, you can look over the tranquil sheep farm and its glasslands along the Onko Kaido (オンコ街道).

Takanosu Park

(鷹の巣園地) At the western end of the Onko Kaido, this hilltop park has the best view of Yagishiri-to. From here, the scenic southern coastal road leads to Shirahama.

Shirahama Yaei-jo

(白浜野営場) On the southern coast close to Shirahama Beach, this pleasant hillside campsite has a kitchen and a toilet overlooking the ocean.

Yagishiri Historical Museum

(焼尻郷土館/旧小納家) This semi Western-style wooden house was built in 1900 by a fisherman’s boss. The Kona family ran a general store, accommodation, post and telegraph offices here. Each room has displays on the household implements and old photos. Behind the house is a quiet garden planted with yews.