Although it is 4km west of Yagishiri-to, Teuri-to (天売島) plays host to a million seabirds around the scenic coastal cliffs.

This tiny island is the world-largest nesting site for Utou (ウトウ: cerorhinca monocerata), and Japan’s only nesting site for very rare Ororon-cho (オロロン鳥: uria aalge), the region’s symbolic bird. Seabirds arrive in mid March to breed and stay around until mid August.

Teuri also has a 12km-long perimeter road that runs around the coast. Hiring a bike or scooter is the ideal way to explore the island. Birdwatching also can be enjoyed from the footpaths crisscross the inland forest.

Points of interests in Teuri-to

Getting There & Around

Rental bikes and scooters are available for hire behind the ferry terminal. There is no public transport on the island.

Akaiwa Viewpoint

(赤岩展望台) At the western end of Teuri, about 5km from the port, is a dramatic viewpoint look down on the 48m-high upright rock Aka-iwa, the highlight of the island. The surrounding cliffs are home to a gigantic Utou colony, you will see the countless burrows.

Optimal birdwatching timing is dusk from May to July, which means you will need to sleep in Teuri. Ororon-cho also may be seen if you are very lucky.

Umidori Bird Hide

(海鳥観察舎) About 1km north of Akaiwa Viewpoint, this bird hide on the cliff has binoculars, you can observe umineko (ウミネコ: black-tailed gull) and keimafuri (ケイマフリ: spectacled guillemot).

Kannon-zaki Viewpoint

(観音岬展望台) This is one of Teuri’s main nesting site for umineko, it offers gorgeous cliffs and ocean views.