Soya Region’s highest peak soars heavenward, the spectacular Rishiri-to (利尻島) looks like little Mt Fuji floating in the sea. Many hikers aim for the top of the great mountain Rishiri-zan, however plenty of easy-going viewing platforms and pretty marshes dotted throughout the island. Rishiri-to boasts fresh sea urchin and the nationally-famous kelp.

Oshidomari (鴛泊) is the main gateway of the island.

Points of interests in Rishiri-to

Getting There & Around

The main port is Oshidomari on the northeast of the island. Heartland Ferry operates year-round ferries from Wakkanai (1hr 40min) and Kafuka (45min) on Rebun-to.

Local buses A (clockwise) and B (counterclockwise) circumnavigate the island from Kutsugata, stopping at the major sights. A seasonal one-day pass (late Apr-late Oct; ¥2000) is available at Kutsugata bus terminal or from drivers.


(ペシ岬) The small rocky cape juts out into the north of Oshidomari port, Peshi-misaki (92.3m) is a good place to look around the mountain and ocean while waiting for a ship.

Yuhigaoka Observatory & Fujimi Enchi

About 2km northwest of the ferry terminal, the small coastal hill of Yuhigaoka (夕陽ヶ丘展望台: meaning sunset hill) is worth a visit at dusk.

Rishirifuji Onsen

(利尻富士温泉) If your legs are weary after hiking or cycling, pop into Rishirifuji Onsen at the foot of the mountain. The facilities including an open-air bath, restaurant, laundry and resting room.


(りっぷ館) Just a short walk from Rishirifuji Onsen, the fair-faced concrete culture center of Rippu-kan has a collection of oil paintings, photos and old fishing gear. A projection room shows the island’s colorful four seasons (20min).

Kutsugata-misaki Park

(沓形岬公園) The rocky cape of Kutsugata-misaki is proximity to the ferry terminal. It has a lighthouse and a campsite with a good sunset view.

Rishiri Fureai Onsen

(利尻ふれあい温泉) Inside the Hotel Rishiri, this public onsen is the best spring quality of the island. It has a rooftop deck and open-air baths (May-Oct) overlooking the ocean.

Senhoshi-misaki Park

(仙法志御崎公園) The southern tip of the island overlooking the mountain, lava blown out from Rishiri-zan formed the scraggy rocky coasts. You can see a seal at the natural pool in summer.

Minamihama Shitsugen

(南浜湿原) If the weather is good, drop by the island’s largest wetland near Minamihama bus stop. Alpine plants bloom from May to July.


(オタトマリ沼) Rishiri’s largest marsh with a great mountain view. A 20-minute loop trail traverse along the shore surrounded by the spruce forest.