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Okhotsk & Shiretoko


As its name suggests, the idyllic Okhotsk Region (オホーツク地方) lies along the Sea of Okhotsk. The almost flat shoreline contains Japan’s biggest lagoon, pleasant brackish lakes and wildflower gardens. Roughly around February, pure white ryuhyo (drift ice: 流氷) occasionally covers the sea. Two of Okhotsk’s port cities serve as icebreakers and interesting museums.

The finger-shaped Shiretoko Peninsula (知床半島) juts up into the Sea of Okhotsk is spectacularly scenic. Great mountain ridges, shimmering blue water and towering cliffs weave on the peninsula. Shiretoko was once Hokkaido’s ‘last true wilderness’, and today the core area is listed as a Unesco World Natural Heritage Site that provides a fantastic retreat for independent hikers.

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