Kenbuchi (剣淵町) is one of the prettiest rural towns in Northern Hokkaido but it is not touristy than Furano Region. You can explore the peaceful countryside with yourself.

Points of interests in Kenbuchi

Getting There & Around

JR Soya Line local and rapid trains run roughly hourly from Asahikawa to Kenbuchi (1hr). Limited express trains don’t stop at Kenbuchi.

Four to five highway buses Kosoku Nayoro-go daily run from and to Sapporo Station and stopping at Michi-no-eki Kenbuchi (道の駅けんぶち).

Explore the Countryside

There are 20km- and 38km-long circumference cycling routes around the picturesque town. Among the highlights are upland fields spreading to the west side of town, especially Chobo-no-oka (眺望の丘) bus stop and Patchwork-no-oka (パッチワークの丘) are a bit hard to find but the best places to explore.

You can hire a bicycle from Kenbuchi Tourist Information Center near JR Kenbuchi Station and Michi-no-eki Ehon-no-sato Kenbuchi on Route 40.

Picture Books Museum

(絵本の館) This pleasant library has a huge collection of ehon (Japanese- and foreign-language picture books) and small galleries of temporary artwork. There is also a cafe and a shop. It is a 10-minute walk from JR Kenbuchi Station.

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