Asahikawa & Furano

Asahikawa Kamuikotan: God Lives in Ainu

Kamuikotan (神居古潭: meaning ‘God Lives’ in Ainu) is a legendary scenic gorge along Ishikari-gawa with unusual geological features and rocks.

Crossing the footbridge (built in 1938: closed in winter) from a right bank of the river, you will find the rebuilt Old Kamuikotan Station (旧神居古潭駅), platforms and steam locomotives on a cycle path that has been utilizing a railway track of the old Hakodate Line (changed to the current route in 1968).

Near the locomotives, there is a circuit trail to the rock of Kamui-iwa (神居岩) with spectacular views.

Kotan Matsuri (こたんまつり) festival takes place on Autumn Equinox Day, local Ainu traditional performances are held around the old train station across the footbridge over the river.


Getting There

From Asahikawa Station stop 8, take bus 56 for Rumoi to the Yumedono Kannon-mae (夢殿観音前: 25min; ¥510), from where it is a 10-minute walk along the river. Chuo Bus (for Fukagawa or Ashibetsu) also runs from Asahikawa.

Note that the cycle path is currently closed between Kamuikotan and Asahikawa.