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On the northern side of the Furano Basin, the agricultural town Kamifurano is a convenient jumping-off point for both Tokachi-dake’s wonderful onsen and great hikes in the southwestern part of Daisetsuzan National Park. The town’s rustic countryside makes for a good few hours of strolling or cycling.


Sleeping in Kamifurano

There are plenty of pensions around the town. High season is in July and August, so book well in advance during these months.


Hinode Park

日の出公園 / E1N27 / 24hrs mid May-mid Oct / FREE

About 1km east of JR Kamifurano Station, this park is covered with lavender on a hill from July to early August. Expect spectacular rural and mountain views from the top. There is an observation deck and a car park.


Furanui Onsen

フラヌイ温泉 / 4-4-25 Shin-machi / 7am-10pm / ¥600 /

A 5-minute walk south of Hinode Park, locals love getting into 31C thermal waters at this reputable onsen. Drinking hot spring water is available. There is also an accommodation on-site

NEXT: Head down to the foothill campsite from the observation deck, then 1km walk on the gravel road across the scenic fields. Turn left onto Prefectural Road 291 (Lavender Road) to Wada Grassland for 600m.


Wada Grassland and Acorn Village

和田草原とどんぐりの郷 / E4N27 / 24hrs / Closed in winter

This hilly grassland along the way to Tokachidake Onsen offering peaceful views of the Tokachi-dake Mountains and back across the town center.


Goto Sumio Museum of Art

後藤純男美術館 / N4N26 / 9am-5pm, to 4pm Nov-Mar / ¥1100

Among the scenic fields near the town center, the famous Japanese-style painter Goto Sumio (1930-2016)’s atelier has a nice selection of grand-scale paintings, including the Tokachi-dake Mountains and Shari-dake. Afterwards, head next door to the Furano Grill (11am-5pm, to 4pm Nov-Mar) for lunch.

Kamifurano Map

Suggested Itinerary

Kamifurano Station

↓ 15min walk

01 Hinode Park

↓ 5min walk

02 Furanui Onsen

↓ 20min walk

03 Wada Grassland and Acorn Village

↓ 5min walk

04 Goto Sumio Museum of Art

Getting There

Kamifurano (tickets 7.20am-3pm / Closed Sun & holiday except late Jun-late Aug) is 50 minutes south of Asahikawa via Biei (18min) and 20 minutes north of Furano.
Kamifurano bus stop is 200m west of the train station on Prefectural Road 291 near the main intersection. Kaisoku Lavender-go (快速ラベンダー号) coaches run eight times daily from JR Asahikawa Station (76min; ¥780) via Asahikawa Airport (36min), as well as the New Furano Prince Hotel (44min) via JR Furano Station (24min).

Getting Around

From JR Kamifurano Station, there are three buses daily (except 1 Jan) to the Tokachidake Onsen Ryounkaku (45min; ¥500), stopping at Fukiage Onsen and the Kamihoro-so, as well as Furanui Onsen and the Goto Sumio Museum of Art in the town center.
About 200m south of JR Kamifurano Station along the railroad, Kamifurano Tokachidake Tourism Association (かみふらの十勝岳観光協会 / 1-1-8 Naka-machi) offers electric MTB rentals (9am-4.30pm Jun-Sep / ¥600 for per hour, ¥2400 for four hours, ¥3000 for one-day ).

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