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Biei Rural Village Cycling

Hokkaido’s most famous countryside on the distinctive undulating hills, Biei (美瑛町) is something like a France’s mini rural village. The picturesque hilly fields spread like a patchwork, you can explore the memorable landscapes from the scenic road network by car, bike or on foot. While Biei is a very easy day-trip from both Asahikawa and Furano.

Note: all private fields and pasture are off-limits, you can enjoy the views from the roads or the viewpoints.

Points of interests in Biei

Getting There

Biei is 30 minutes south of Asahikawa and 40 minutes north of Furano on the JR Furano Line.

Furano Bus Kaisoku Lavender-go (快速ラベンダー号) coaches run eight times daily to JR Biei Station from JR Asahikawa Station (54min) via Asahikawa Airport (37min), as well as the New Furano Prince Hotel (66min) via JR Furano Station (44min).

Bike Rentals

There are several rent-a-cycle shops (レンタサイクル) around JR Biei Station, including bicycles (¥200 per hour), electric bicycles (¥600 per hour) and MTB (¥300 per hour) rentals. Free luggage storage is available for guests, and cycling is doable from May to October.

Patchwork Road

(パッチワークの路) If you only have a half-day in Biei, this classic road network on the northwest of town give you impressive views over the hillside rural.

Four photogenic spots on the road are the Ken and Mary Tree (ケンとメリーの木), the Seven Star Tree (セブンスターの木), the Parent and Child Trees (親子の木: there is no car park) and the Hokusei-no-Oka Observatory (北西の丘展望公園).

The round-trip walking or cycling from JR Biei Station will take about three to four hours.


(ビブレ) Day trippers can stop by the excellent boulangerie (from 10am; Closed Tue) at this complex in the scenic hills north of town, using Biei-grown wheat, on the way to the Sevenstar Tree. It is about 5km from JR Biei Station.

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Panorama Road

(パノラマロード) On the southeast of Biei is this panoramic road network runs across the rolling hills and valleys. The breathtaking view parks are San’ai-no-Oka (三愛の丘展望公園) and Shin’ei-no-Oka (新栄の丘展望公園), fields are beautifully colored by the setting sun.

The round-trip cycling from JR Biei Station or Bibaushi Station will take about four to five hours.


(四季彩の丘) Biei’s most popular flower garden on a scenic hill overlooking the mountains, but it is very crowded with tour buses in summer. It is 2km southeast of JR Bibaushi Station.

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(拓真館) Housed in an old schoolhouse, Takushinkan exhibits the works of photographer Maeda Shinzo (1922-1998) who introduced the landscape of Biei from the 1970s.