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Asahikawa & Furano


Going up along Japan’s third-longest river across the agricultural Ishikari Plain, Hokkaido’s second largest city of Asahikawa lies on the Kamikawa Basin. This city is straddles the clear rivers and laid out in a grid pattern, with its varied attractions.

Daisetsuzan National Park (Nutapukaushipe) is home to great ridges, highland wetlands, deep gorges and international onsen resorts in Northern Hokkaido.

Furano’s agricultural basin ranks high on wish list for many travelers. In summer the picturesque hillside breadbasket and flower gardens covered with colorful patchwork like a mini European village.

The peaceful Nayoro Basin spreads alongside Teshio-gawa. A few relaxed places are worth to take a placid time and get their taste of the night sky full of stars.

Points of interests in Asahikawa & Furano

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