Ishikari Region’s smallest agricultural village of Shinshinotsu (新篠津村) is ideal for rural driving and family vacation. You can enjoy camping and getting into hot water around the pretty lake.


(しのつ湖) The crescent-shaped lake Shinotsu-ko is the village’s big attraction. Swan-boats (10am-4pm; ¥400) can be hired to take out on the lake . There are also fishing gear (¥500 incl feed) and free bike (up to 60min) rentals. It can be crowded with families on weekend.

In winter, wakasagi-tsuri (わかさぎ釣り: smelt fishing: Reserve ahead on Sat & Sun) on the frozen lake is a popular activity. The onsen restaurant Mominoki (もみの木), inside Tappu-no-yu, can be cooked your caught wakasagi (¥500) if you order a meal.

Shinshinotsu Onsen Tappu-no-yu

(しんしのつ温泉たっぷの湯) The lakeside onsen Tappu-no-yu, inside the Michi-no-eki Shinshinotsu (道の駅しんしのつ), is a good place for a soak after activities. It features a wide open-air bath with yellow-brown cloudy hot water. on-site.

This place has a pleasant accommodation, all rooms have a lake view. You can book an agricultural experience program (in Japanese) at the local farms here.

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(もみの木) Mominoki restaurant is located within the Tappu-no-yu with views of the lake. Serving a wide variety of dishes using local rice and vegetables, such as vegetable curry (野菜カレー) and ankake yakisoba (あんかけ焼きそば: stir friend with sauce).

Shinotsu Park Camp-jo

(しのつ公園キャンプ場) One of around Sapporo’s most popular and busiest campsite on the shore of Shinotsu-ko next to the Tappu-no-yu, this campsite offers a rental tent (¥5000), sleeping bag (¥1000) and barbecue tool (¥1500).

Getting There

From Sapporo, local trains run to Iwamizawa (40min), stopping at Kami-Horomui (上幌向: 35min).

Shinshinotsu Kotsu (新篠津交通) buses run between Iwamizawa Terminal stop 9 and Shinshinotsu Onsen (新篠津温泉: 10 daily; 30min; ¥510) via unstaffed Kami-Horomui Station (上幌向: 18min; ¥410) on the JR Hakodate Line. More info