Northern Sorachi’s small rural town of Chippubetsu (秩父別町), 10km west of Fukagawa, is a good stopover point on the the way to Rumoi. About 500m walk along the railway track from JR Chippubetsu Station, there is a cozy onsen and campsite.

Points of interests in Chippubetsu

Getting There

Local train runs from Fukagawa (10min) and Rumoi (45min). The Chippubetsu Onsen is 2km west of Chippubetsu IC on the Fukagawa-Rumoi Expressway.

Chippubetsu Family Sports Park

(秩父別ファミリースポーツ公園) This sports park has a comfy campsite near Chippubetsu Onsen. It has pleasant lawn camping grounds and shared kitchen. It is often crowded in summer holiday, so plan accordingly. Check-in is available until 5.15pm. You can get an onsen discount ticket.

Chippubetsu Centennial Memorial Tower

(秩父別町開基百年記念塔) Opposite the Chippubetsu Onsen and roadside station, the 30m-tall tower provides panoramic views across the rice fields. It is open from 9am to 7pm.

Chippubetsu Onsen

(秩父別温泉ちっぷゆう&ゆ) This pleasant onsen offers clean bathroom with sauna and free tatami-mat rest room. There is a good-value accommodation on-site.

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