On the rugged northern coast of the Uchiura Bay (Funka-wan) is a small town of Toyoura (豊浦) just outside of Toya-ko. A couple of beaches and campsites scattered along the coastline. The town is famous for its hotate (scallop).

Toyoura Onsen Shiosai

(豊浦温泉しおさい) About 1km walk west of JR Toyoura Station, the Shiosai has modern baths and 10 guest rooms overlooking the ocean. On-site restaurant (11.30am-2pm & 5-8pm) serves local hotate and pork. There is also a sandy beach with campsite (mid Jul-late Aug; ¥500 per person).

More info shiosai-spa.com

Rebunge Coast

Uchiura Bay’s primer scenic area, Rebunge Coast (礼文華海岸) boasts pleasant sandy beaches and strangely-shaped rocks stretches out the cliff coast. You can easily walk on the coastal road (4.5km) between Okishi and Rebun stations.

Kamui-chashi Ruins Park (カムイチャシ史跡公園) was the former Ainu’s chashi (fortless) on the small rocky cape of Chatsu-misaki (茶津岬) with a good view.

Getting There

Local trains stop at Toyoura Station, one stop west of Toya (6min; ¥210). Donan Bus runs between Sapporo Station and Toyoura Onsen Shiosai (1 daily; 3hrs 10min) via Jozankei. Compulsory reservation.