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Lake Toya Ring Road

Toya-ko Gurutto Chokoku Koen (洞爺湖ぐるっと彫刻公園), a 43km lakeside circumference road, offers scenic views, pleasant campsites, tiny shrines and 58 sculptures. It can be done a day by car, bike, bus or on foot.

Points of interests on the Lake Toya Ring Road

Getting There

Between Toyako Onsen terminal and Toya Mizu-no-eki (とうや水の駅), a few local buses run along the western shore (via Tsukiura Koei-jutaku-mae 月浦公営住宅前: 30min), as well as the eastern shore (via Sobetsu 壮瞥経由: 47min).

In winter season, there are four buses (except 31 Dec-3 Jan) to the scenic point of the Silo Observatory (サイロ展望台: www.toyako.biz) from Showa-shinzan (40min) via Toyako Onsen (20min) and Tsukiura-iriguchi (月浦入口: 6min).


(月浦) Tsukiura is a tiny rural village on the western shore of Toya-ko with picturesque views. There are scenic cafes, vineyards and atelier set around a grassy hillside.

From Toyako Onsen, take the bus to Tsukiura Koei-jutaku-mae (月浦公営住宅前: 10min) or Tsukiura-iriguchi (月浦入口: 6min).

Ukimi-do Park

(浮見堂公園) On the northern shore of Toya-ko, Ukimi-do (established in 1937) temple enshrines the statue of Shotoku Taishi overlooking the islands. The nearest bus stop is Ukimi-do.

Toyako Museum of Art

(洞爺湖芸術館) The geijutsukan houses charming exhibitions of modern art, handy sculptures, photos and works of Ainu sculptor Sunazawa Bikky in a small gallery space that was once the village hall facing the northern shore of Toya-ko. It is a short walk from the Toya Mizu-no-eki (とうや水の駅) bus stop.

Sobetsu Park

(壮瞥公園) On the southeastern hills of Toya-ko, Sobetsu Park boasts great views over the lake, Usu-zan and Yotei-zan. Fields of plums bloom here in early May. The nearest bus stop is Takinoue (滝の上) close to the Sobetsu-taki falls. There is a footpath from the town center of Sobetsu.