Listed as a Unesco Global Geopark in 2015, the small fishing town of Samani (様似町) has a variety of unusual terrains from the scenic coastlines to the flower mountains. It is worth spending a half day for explore the town en route to the cape Erimo-misaki.

The coastal town center can be easily explore on foot from JR Samani Station. Samani Hakkei Footpath (様似八景フットパス: 10km / 3hrs) traces the eight attractive views and sights.

Kannon-yama Viewpoint 

(観音山展望台) Several kilometers west of Samani Station is the small mountain of Kannon-yama (101m), where there is a nicest ocean view from the viewpoint. Trout lilies and corydalis ambiguas bloom from late April to mid May.

Oyako-iwa Fureai Beach

(親子岩ふれあいビーチ) Hidaka’s best sandy beach on the west of the town overlooks the legendary Oyako-iwa (parent-child rocks) glowing in the sunset. The campsite (¥600 per person) has free cold showers and a kitchen. Pick up snacks or boxed lunch from a nearby convenience store.


(等澍院) This temple was established in 1806 by the Edo shogunate, close to the natural harbor. The 1811 small wooden Goma-do was rebuilt in 1965. Today the 2006 new main temple building (hondo) on a hillside is open to the public. Friendly chief priest will guide you inside the temple.


(エンルム岬) The 70m-high rocky pointed cape of Enrumu-misaki juts from the fishing port. Panoramic views of the ocean and mountains can be had from the viewpoint. You can walk around the cape shore at low tide.

Getting There

Currently the trains on the JR Hidaka Line from Tomakomai end in Mukawa (30min). Alternative JR buses run between Mukawa and Samani (4 daily; 4hrs) with require a change at Shizunai. All rail tickets are available on a bus.