Southern Hokkaido

Onuma Quasi-National Park

Onuma Park (大沼公園) is Southern Hokkaido’s most popular and picturesque resort that is designated as a quasi-national park. The volcanic mountain Koma-ga-take and its peaceful lakes offer good for cruise, camping, cycling and hiking. This park can easily be visited for the day from Hakodate.

How to Explore around the Lake

A good place to access the lake O-numa (大沼湖) is at antiquated little Onuma-koen Station, about 300m from the lakeside park square. Here you will find some nature trails over the islets, cruise ships and cafes.

You can wander around the rim of O-numa along a 14km paved road by bicycle (70min). Bikes can be rented (¥500 per hour, ¥1000 per day) from the Friendly Bear (フレンドリーベア: 215 Onuma-cho; 9am-5pm) and the Poroto-kan (ポロト館: 185-5 Onuma-cho; 9am-4pm).

Onuma Yusen

(大沼遊船) Runs scenic 30-minute cruises on the two lakes from April to early December. They also offers motorboats, rowboats and swan-shaped pedal boats. In winter, you can try wakasagi-tsuri (smelt fishing: 8am-3pm; adult ¥1600) on the frozen lake. More info


(日暮山) From the north side of Ko-numa, an unpaved road (1.5km) leads to the top (303m) for fine lake views. The mountain can be reached by car or bike.

Getting There

Onuma-koen Station (大沼公園駅) is serviced by the limited express train Super Hokuto between Hakodate (25min), Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto (10min) and Sapporo (3hrs). Local trains run infrequently to Onuma-koen from Hakodate (45min) and Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto (20min). Note that some local trains don’t go to Onuma-koen.