Hakodate Orthodox Church

(函館ハリストス正教会: Harisutosu Seikyokai) The Russian Orthodox Church, founded in 1859 and reconstructed in 1916, is one of the loveliest buildings in town.

More info orthodox-hakodate.jp/open

Motomachi Roman Catholic Church

(カトリック元町教会) Walk down Daisan-zaka from the Orthodox Church, you will find the elegant Roman Catholic Church (built in 1923) with a beautiful spire on the left. The Neo-gothic interior features neat blue ceiling with golden stars.

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Hakodate Episcopal Church

(函館聖ヨハネ教会) Next to the Orthodox Church, the Episcopal Church was founded in 1874 by a British priest and rebuilt in 1979. You can see its cross-shaped roof from Hakodate-yama.

Trappistine Convent

(トラピスチヌ修道院) Japan’s oldest women’s convent founded in 1898 by eight French nuns, the red brick buildings were reconstructed in 1927 and its front garden is open to the public. The popular souvenir here is the madarena (madeleine).

Goryokaku Tower & Trappistine Shuttle Bus runs twice hourly to the Trappistine Convent from Hakodate Airport via Yunokawa Onsen dentei-mae, as well as JR Hakodate Station.

More info www.ocso-tenshien.jp

Trappist Convent

(トラピスト修道院) Founded in 1896, the Trappist men’s convent is located on the scenic hills in Western Hokuto overlooking the Tsugaru Strait. The approach to the convent is lined with cedars.

It is not open to the public, but Tobetsu Church (当別教会) beside the souvenir shop is open on every Sunday (mass from 8.45am). It is about a 15-minute walk from Oshima-Tobetsu Station (渡島当別駅) on the South Hokkaido Railway.

More info www.trappist.or.jp

Getting There