Esashi Oiwake (江差追分) folk song has been singing from the Edo period and is called the ‘king of min’yo (folk song)’ in Japan.

Esashi Oiwake Hall

(江差追分会館) This hall is the usual venue for performances the Esashi Oiwake and Hokkaido’s major folk songs by local singers three times a day (11am, 1pm and 3pm) from late April to late October. You can expect to hear the Oiwake master’s songs from the Meiji period at the reference room. Two floats for the local festival also displayed here.

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Oshokuji-dokoro Esashi

(お食事処えさし) Inside the Esashi Oiwake Hall, this pleasant restaurant is perfect for lunch after stroll the town. Set meals features local specialities such as the nishin gozen(a range of traditional herring dishes) and nishin soba.

Esashi Oiwake National Tournament

This town hosts the Esashi Oiwake Zenkoku Taikai (江差追分全国大会) on 3rd Friday to Sunday of September. The folk song national tournament. 440 singers show off the Oiwake. It is held at the Esashi Bunka Hall (江差文化会館).

Getting There

The Esashi Oiwake Hall is next to the town hall. Get off a Hakodate-Esashi bus at Nakauta-cho (中歌町).