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Uryu-numa Shitsugen Wetland (雨竜沼湿原: high altitude wetland) is referred to as the ‘heavenly paradise’ that makes up Shokanbetsu-Teuri-Yagishiri Quasi-National Park. About 700 marshes are scattered with 200 kinds of wildflowers.


Location 28km west of Central Uryu on Route 275

Climbing Season mid June to early October

Area 101.5-hectare

Highlights About 700 marshes, Wildflower Garden


You need to fill out the registration form and pay the climbing fee (環境美化整備協力金: Kankyo bika seibi kyoryoku-kin: ¥500) before or after hiking. You can climb up to the wetland from the Gate Park trailhead (3km / 2hrs) between mid June to early October.
There is a 4km-long one-way circuit boardwalk in the wetland. The return hike from the trailhead takes five to six hours.
From the wetland observation deck, it is a 90-minute trek to the top of Minami-Shokan-dake (南暑寒岳: 1296m). Furthermore, it is possible to great traverse to the summit of Shokan-dake (暑寒岳: 1492m) in about 2.5 hours (4km), and climb down to Mashike (増毛) in about 10 hours (23km).



There is no public transport from the town. Uryu Hire (雨竜ハイヤー: Tel 0125-77-2206) offers shuttle services (around ¥10,000 up to 4 people) to the trailheads from Uryu (雨竜) stop on the bus from Sapporo, Takikawa and Rumoi.
The Gate Park (ゲートパーク) is about 26km west of Uryu. It has a car park, free campsite and mountain hut Minami-Shokanso (南暑寒荘) with a management office (9am-4.30pm Jul-mid Oct).

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