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十勝 | POPULATION 334,000

Crossing the Karikachi Pass, there is real Hokkaido.’ The magnificent Tokachi is Japan’s ‘Agricultural Kingdom’, with endress picturesque countryside and beautifully mountain ridges. Obihiro is a good base of explore throughout Tokachi. For Tomuraushi Onsen, Shikaribetsu-ko and Nukabira Gensenkyo in Northern Tokachi, see Daisetsuzan National Park for details.



Discovering Tokachi’s cosmopolitan capital.

Tokachigawa Onsen

Serene riverside hot spring resort. Soaking in the moor waters.


A handy stopping-off point between Tokachi and Okhotsk. Sampling Tokachi Wine.

Shihoro & Kamishihoro

Marveling in Japan’s largest public farm.

Shintoku & Shimizu

The main gateway of Tokachi and famed for its high-quality soba.

Southern Tokachi

Agricultural flatlands and the mountain views feel the grandeur of Hokkaido.

Eastern Tokachi

Route 242 runs through Eastern Hokkaido’s coldest rural towns.

Tokachi Coast

Wandering on the brackish lakes and wildflower gardens.

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Getting There

TRAIN: Limited express trains run west from Sapporo (11 daily / 2.5hrs / ¥7260) via the JR Sekisho Line, and run east from Kushiro (6 daily / 1.5hrs / ¥4690) stopping at Ikeda. There are local trains from Obihiro to Shintoku (1hr / ¥840), Ikeda (30min / ¥450) and Kushiro (2hrs / ¥2490).
Currently the trains on the JR Nemuro Line from Takikawa via Furano end in Higash-Shikagoe (2hrs) in Minamifurano. Alternative JR buses run between Higashi-Shikagoe and Shintoku (1hr) on Route 38.

BUS: All intercity buses for Obihiro are compulsory reservation:

Akanko Onsen2hrs1 daily¥2030
Asahikawa4hrs4 daily¥3300
Furano2.5hrs3 daily¥2200
New Chitose Airport2.5hrs5 daily¥3800
Sapporo3.5-4hrs12 daily¥3840
Sounkyo2hrs 13min1 daily¥2300

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