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Crossing the Karikachi Pass, there is real Hokkaido.’ The magnificent Tokachi is Japan’s ‘Agricultural Kingdom’, with endress picturesque countryside and beautifully mountain ridges. Obihiro is a good base of explore throughout Tokachi.

For Tomuraushi Onsen, Shikaribetsu-ko and Nukabira Gensenkyo in Northern Tokachi, see Daisetsuzan National Park for details.

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Enjoying the Taste of Tokachi in Obihiro

Discovering Tokachi’s cosmopolitan capital with its numerous reputable restaurants, sweet shops and onsen sento (bathhouses). A well-laid-out city center makes an ideal for pleasant strolling.

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Soaking in Tokachigawa Onsen’s Moor Waters

Otofuke’s Tokachigawa Onsen is a pleasant and serene riverside hot spring resort with a variety of accommodation. The moor water contains organic matter of vegetable origin.

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Sampling Tokachi Wine in Ikeda

Ikeda is best known for its winemaking and a handy stopping-off point between Tokachi and Okhotsk regions.

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Wandering on the Marshy Tokachi Coast

The greatly-curved Tokachi Coast along the Pacific Ocean is quiet and off-the-beaten-track dotted with brackish marshes and wildflower gardens. Finding the clusters of clear ‘jewelry ice’ on Otsu Coast in winter.

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Exploring Shintoku & Tasting Soba

The refreshing highland town of Shintoku is the main gateway of Tokachi Region and has grown into the railway town for crossing the dynamic Karikachi Pass. The town is famed for high-quality soba.

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Touring Southern Tokachi’s Scenic Plain

Southern Tokachi’s agricultural flatlands and views of the Hidaka Mountains feel the grandeur of Hokkaido. You can enjoy exhilarating drive and cycling on this great plain.

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Marveling at Naitai Kogen Farm in Kamishihoro

Japan’s largest public farm on the highland grassy meadow, Naitai Kogen has a 7km-long road to the hilltop Terrace Cafe with spectacular views of the Tokachi Plain.

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