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The northernmost region of mainland Japan, Soya is a dramatic destination for hitchhikers, cyclists and motorcyclists. With the wilderness islands, primeval wetlands, quiet marshes, wildflower gardens and bamboo grass hills as your playground. Many travelers come in summer to explore Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park, however you will probably the call of impressive snow-covered landscapes and pure white frozen sea in winter.

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Exploring the Scenic Port Town Wakkanai

Japan’s northernmost city of Wakkanai is an important turning point for all tourists. Taking in Japan’s northernmost city before hopping to Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park or Sakhalin Island.

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Reaching the Cape Soya-misaki

Wakkanai’s most popular tourist destination, Soya-misaki is the northernmost tip of mainland Japan overlooking Sakhalin Island on a clear day. The hills behind the cape are the perfect spot for scenic hiking.

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Hiking & Touring on Rishiri-to

Soya Region’s highest peak soars heavenward, the spectacular Rishiri-to looks like little Mt Fuji floating in the sea. Hike up to the great mountain Rishiri-Fuji or reaching the scenic viewpoints.

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Coastal Trekking on Rebun-to

Summer sees the narrow but attractive island of Rebun-to fill with nature lovers. Hike the spectacular trails from the coastal wildflower gardens to the bamboo grass hills.

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Soaking Up Sarobetsu & Toyotomi Onsen

Exploring the Sarobetsu wetland and Toyotomi hillside ranch by yourself. The surprising oily Toyotomi Onsen is believed to be helpful in treating psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

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Wander Around North Okhotsk

The northern coast of the Okhotsk Line is an area of outstanding natural landscapes, with brackish lakes, hidden marshes, wildflower gardens, rocky capes and seaside farms. Admire the elegant swans and migratory birds on Kutcharo-ko.

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