About 50km north of Hakodate on the way to Sapporo, Mori (森町) is a bayside forested town overlooking the double-peaked Koma-ga-date (in Onuma Quasi-National Park).

Points of interests in Mori

Getting There

All limited express trains from Hakodate and Sapporo stop at Mori. There are also local trains to Mori from Hakodate and Oshamanbe.

Oniushi Park

(オニウシ公園) Located beside the Michi-no-eki (roadside station) Yuyu Mori (道の駅You・遊・もり) on Route 5, this park boasts 500 cherry trees that bloom in early May. You can overlooking the park, ocean and mountain from the michi-no-eki rooftop observatory.

Aobagaoka Park

(青葉ヶ丘公園) A few minutes’ walk north of Oniushi Park, the neighborhood Aobagaoka Park is also famous for its a thousands of sakura (cherry-blossoms). Sakura Festival (もりまち桜まつり) is held during Golden Week (late April to early May).

Nigorikawa Onsen

(濁川温泉) About 15km northwest of Mori along the leafy valley, you will find Nigorikawa Onsen spreading on a rustic caldera village (カルデラの里). There are six onsen ryokan, and they offer higaeri-nyuyoku (日帰り入浴: day bathing) entry.

About 850m north of Nigorikawa (濁川) bus stop, Shin’ei-kan (新栄館) is a classical ryokan constructed from the Meiji period with mix-gender and female-only onsen.

Just two buses daily run between Mori Station and Santai-iriguchi (三岱入口: 23min) in Nigorikawa Onsen. The morning bus from Nigorikawa to Mori continue to Hakodate Station (2hrs).