About 1km south from the Morning Market, Hakodate’s historic waterfront area is dotted with red brick warehouses, shops, restaurants and bars. The Bay Area’s historic buildings are lit up after dark.

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouses

(金森赤レンガ倉庫群) Hakodate’s waterfront red brick warehouses (Akarenga soko-gun), constructed from 1907, have been restored and transformed into a tourist complex, with plenty of craft shops, restaurants and galleries set on a pretty harbor. More info hakodate-kanemori.com

Hakodate Beer

(はこだてビール) Inside a sizable red brick building, Hakodate Beer offers German-style home-brewed drafts using groundwater of Hakodate-yama. Tasting sets are available from ¥1080 (three glasses with a light snack). Menu including local seafood, sausage, fried potatoes and pumpkins. Note that it is closed on Wednesday. More info www.hakodate-factory.com/beer

Getting There

If you visit here by tram from Hakodate Ekimae stop, get off at Jujigai (十字街) stop (6min; ¥210). Otherwise, it is about a 10-minute walk west of JR Hakodate Station across the Morning Market.