The highlight of the Kameda Peninsula in Eastern Hakodate, E-san (恵山: 618m) is a singular active volcano that is sacred place from the past. The trailhead is Esan Onsen (恵山温泉).

Points of interests in E-san

Getting There

From Hakodate Station bus terminal stop 6, Hakodate Bus runs to Esan-Misaki (恵山御崎: 7 daily; 2hrs) via Esan Tozanguchi (恵山登山口: 1hr 50min; ¥1550).

Climbing E-san

Return hike from E-san Tozanguchi bus stop on the coastline allow four to five hours.

A 2.5km-long paved winding steep road (open 6am-6pm late Apr-Oct) and Kogen Trail leads to Kako-bara Car Park (火口原駐車場) with stunning mountain views.

From the car park, it is an hour scenic hike to the top. You can climb down to the Hotel Cape on Esan-misaki or Central Todohokke along the Hachiman-gawa from E-san. 

Esan Tsutsuji Park

(恵山つつじ公園) From late May to early June, this park is covered with about 600,000 tsutsuji (azaleas). If your time is limited, you could do an hour-long Maeyama Loop Trail to the viewpoint from the park.


(海向山) Kaiko-zan (570m) is a leafy mountain to the west of E-san. The return hike to the top from Kako-bara Car Park takes three hours.