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Going further north from Haboro on Route 232, Engan Bus running along the scenic coastline and rural vistas. You will look out for the island of Rishiri-to on a clear day.
A highlight of a road trip to the quiet village of Shosanbetsu is the coastal Misakidai Park (みさき台公園) overlooking the ocean and three islands. It is a perfect place to break up a journey on the Ororon Line for camping, eating and bathing with a dramatic sunset. You will be able to look up at the starry sky on a clear night.


Shosanbetsu Onsen Misaki-no-yu

しょさんべつ温泉岬の湯 / Tel 0164-67-2013 / Day bathing 6.30-7.30am & 11am-10pm (¥500) / Wi-Fi /

Misaki-no-yu offers pleasant indoor and open-air onsen baths with a nicest ocean view. This place has a hotel with Japanese- and Western-style rooms.

On-site restaurant Hana-misaki (花みさき: 11.30am-2pm & 5-8pm, to 8.30pm Jun-Sep) does mafugu teriyaki-don (真ふぐの照り焼き丼: teriyaki pufferfish on rice). Wi-Fi is available at the robby.


Michi-no-eki Ronankaido Shosanbetsu

道の駅ロマン街道しょさんべつ / 10am-9pm, to 8pm Nov-Mar / Closed Tue / Wi-Fi

Opposite the onsen Misaki-no-yu, this small michi-no-eki (roadside station) has a souvenir shop, cafe, barbecue restaurant and 24-hour car park.


Shosanbetsu Astronomical Observatory

しょさんべつ天文台 / 10am-9pm, to 7pm Oct-Nov & Mar, to 5pm Wed / Closed Tue & Dec-Feb / ¥200 /

Japan’s northernmost astronomical observatory is a short walk from Shosanbetsu Onsen. Telescope viewings are available if the night weather is clear.


Misakidai Camp-jo

みさき台キャンプ場 / Tel 0164-67-2031 / Late Apr-Oct

Right beside the onsen Misaki-no-yu, this superbly campsite offers splendid views of the ocean and starry sky. It has 10 bungalows (from ¥4300 per night: May-Oct). The Auto Camp-jo can be rent a various equipment.

Misakidai Park Map

Getting There

Misakidai Park is a few hundred meters west of Route 232. All local buses between Rumoi and Horonobe stop at Shosanbetsu Onsen (しょさんべつ温泉) in front of the Misaki-no-yu.
Intercity buses from/to Sapporo and kaisoku (快速: rapid) buses from/to Asahikawa via Haboro stop at Toyosaki (豊岬) on Route 232, about 1.3km northeast of Shosanbetsu Onsen.

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