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Shari is the main gateway for the western part of Shiretoko and Utoro Onsen along the Sea of Okhotsk. Most travelers from Abashiri or Kushiro pass through this town, but there are picturesque rural landscape views against the mountains.


Shiretoko Museum

斜里町立知床博物館 / 1 Konan; 9am-5pm; Closed Mon & holiday Nov-Mar; ¥300 /

This museum contains a lot of artefacts and stuffed animals from Shari to the Shiretoko Peninsula, as well as exhibits on local nature, history and lifestyle.


Kita-no-Alp Museum

北のアルプ美術館 / 11-2 Asahi-cho / 10am-5pm Jun-Oct, to 4pm May & Nov-Dec / Closed Mon-Tue & late Dec-Feb / FREE /

Once the company dormitory of Mitsui Norin built in 1961, this museum has a collection of Japanese literary magazine Alp (アルプ: 1959-1983), landscape photographs and paintings. You can purchase some beautiful postcards.

Shari Map

Getting There & Around

Shiretoko-Shari Station (知床斜里駅: tickets 6.30am-6pm) is a gateway for Utoro Onsen and Western Shiretoko. JR Senmo Line runs west to Abashiri (7 daily / 50min) and south to Kushiro (5 daily / 2hrs 20min).

Shari bus terminal (tickets 8am-5pm) is just outside JR Shiretoko-Shari Station. Shari Bus ( operates regular buses from Shari bus terminal to Utoro Onsen (4-6 daily / 50min).
During the high-seasons (mid Jun-early Oct & late Jan-mid Mar), Shari Bus operates Shiretoko Airport Liner to Shari from Memanbetsu Airport (3 daily / 1hr 20min) via JR Abashiri Station (50min), as well as Utoro Onsen.

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