These two neighboring regions from Kushiro Shitsugen National Park to the Nemuro Peninsula contains wilderness wetlands, brackish lakes and scenic peninsulas. It is cool climate and foggy in summer. Atmospheric fishing towns and rustic dairy farms exist side by side, where you can explore these destinations from the foodie port town of Kushiro, de facto capital of Eastern Hokkaido.

TO DO 01

Savoring Seafood in the Foggy Town Kushiro

Kushiro is Eastern Hokkaido’s largest port town and one of Japan’s premier fishing bases facing the Pacific Ocean. Wandering the foggy port town and taste the local fresh seafood.

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Exploring & Canoeing the Wetlands in Kushiro Shitsugen

Nature lovers and wildlife-watchers will feel at ease at Japan’s largest wetland behind the port town of Kushiro. At the winding rivers collide with lakes, you can explore the wetlands by slowly Norokko train or canoe.

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Tancho Crane Watching in Tsurui

In the northwest side of Kushiro Shitsugen, Tsurui is home of tancho (Japanese crane). During the winter, they nest in a group in local sanctuaries and rivers around the village.

TO DO 04

Taking the Coastal Wetlands in Akkeshi & Kiritappu

The serenely coastal towns of Akkeshi and Kiritappu are designated as a prefectural natural park. Gentle wetlands, scenic cliffs and capes that inspired the director Yonebayashi Hiromasa to make his film ‘When Marnie Was There’.

TO DO 05

Reaching the Nature-Rich Nemuro Peninsula

The 60km-long Nemuro Peninsula is a perfect place for birdwatching, wildlife cruising, footpath hiking and dining on fresh seafood. Spending a day exploring by boats or scenic footpaths, then sample Hanasaki-gani (spiny crab).

TO DO 06

Touring the Grand Konsen Plateau

Japan’s largest plateau, at about 5300-sq-km, that spreads from Kushiro to Nemuro regions. Here you will find more cows than people. Kaiyodai is the region’s most famous observatory and has a spectacular view.

TO DO 07

Stretching Out on the Notsuke Peninsula

Notsuke Peninsula is a 28km-long, shrimp-shaped sandbank arcing out into the Nemuro Strait. Wandering the bayside sandbank and see the lovely seals from a cruise ship.