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A vast stretch of Sarobetsu (サロベツ) dotted with wetlands, quiet marshes, sandy beaches and peaceful dairy farms. Colorful and lovely wildflowers bloom from late June to mid July, a refreshing wind heals the traveler’s heart. Northern Hokkaido’s top dairy farming town of Toyotomi (豊富町) is the main gateway for Sarobetsu and Japan’s northernmost onsen village. Don’t miss fresh milk and tasty ice cream.


Location 43km south of Wakkanai, 215km north of Asahikawa, 145km north of Rumoi

Population 3800

Highlights Sarobetsu Wetland Center, Toyotomi Onsen, O-kibo Sochi (May to October)

Tourist Information & Bike Rentals Toyotomi Tourist Information Center (豊富町観光情報センター): Tel 0162-82-2100 / Inside JR Toyotomi Station, 9am-5pm May-Oct / toyotomi-kanko.net


Sarobetsu Wetland Center

サロベツ湿原センター / 8662 Kami-Sarobetsu / 9am-5pm May-Jun & Sep-Oct, 10am-4pm Nov-Apr, 8.30am-5.30pm Jul-Aug / Closed Mon Nov-Apr / FREE / sarobetsu.or.jp/center

This wetland center has good exhibitions on the nature, environment and history. There is a peat museum and a dredger. Digging peat in the wetland was one of the main industries of the region from the 1970s to the 2000s. A 1km circular nature trail arc out from the center overlooking the wildflower garden, old peat digging sites and Rishiri-to.


Toyotomi Onsen Fureai Center

豊富温泉ふれあいセンター / 8.30am-9pm / Closed 1 Jan & around 10 Apr / 1-day ticket ¥510 / Wi-Fi / toyotomi-onsen.com

Head for Toyotomi Onsen Fureai Center, where you can select for general bath (一般用: ippan-yo) and lukewarm bath for cure (湯治用: toji-yo). A restaurant serves deer cuisines and fresh milk. Oily water is believed to be helpful in treating psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. A Rumoi–Haboro–Toyotomi bus stops here.


O-kibo Sochi

大規模草地 / Fukunaga / 24hrs May-Oct

If you use a rental bicycle from Toyotomi Onsen, heading north for the large-scale hillside O-kibo Sochi glassland ranch where about 1500 cows are grazing from May to October.


Miyanodai Observatory

宮の台展望台 / Tokumitsu / 24hrs / Closed in winter / FREE

Uphill for 15-minute walk from JR Tokumitsu Station (徳満駅), this scenic observation deck has fine views over the wetlands to the surrounding dairy farms. It is closed in winter.



パンケ沼 / Shimonuma / 24hrs / Closed in winter

Sarobetsu’s largest marsh, a 30-minute walk straight from JR Shimonuma Station (下沼駅), is lonely but a good place to explore the wetland on foot. A 3km boardwalk leads to the Horonobe Visitor Center (幌延ビジターセンター: 9am-5pm May-Oct) across the two small marshes.



TRAIN: Toyotomi Station (豊富駅: unstaffed) is on the JR Soya Line. A few limited express trains run from Wakkanai (40min), Asahikawa (3hrs) and Sapporo (4hrs 20min). Three local train serves Wakkanai (45min) and Asahikawa (4hrs 20min) via Nayoro.

BUS: From Sapporo, Engan Bus Tokkyu Haboro-go runs to Toyotomi Eigyosho bus stop (豊富営業所: 4 daily / 5hrs) located in front of the town hall (about 750m southeast of JR Toyotomi Station), stopping at Horonobe Jujigai (幌延十字街: about 30m east of the train station) and Toyotomi Onsen (豊富温泉).
Local Engan Bus runs between Rumoi and JR Toyotomi Station (4hrs / 6 daily) on the Ororon Line via Haboro Honsha Terminal, JR Horonobe Station and Toyotomi Onsen.

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