Moiwa-yama (531m), just 5km southwest of the city center along the tramline, offering breathtaking views over Sapporo, especially after dark. This preserved leafy mountain can be climb by ropeway, car (late Apr-mid Nov; ¥660) or foot. The viewing platform has a fantastic restaurant.

Moiwa-yama Ropeway & Morris Car

Moiwa-yama’s stylish ropeway and a cable car runs to the viewing platform via the middle station.

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Sapporo Moiwa-yama Ski Area

(札幌藻岩山スキー場) Moiwa-yama’s family-friendly ski slopes for skiers-only is on the south side of the mountain overlooking the cityscape. A 1-day pass is ¥3800.

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Getting There

Moiwa-yama Ropeway Sanroku Station

Trams (flat ¥200) loop the west side of the city center for Ropeway-iriguchi (ロップウェイ入口: 20min). From where, change a free shuttle bus or a few minutes’ walk to the ropeway Sanroku station. Otherwise, JR Bus 11 runs from Maruyama-koen Station to the ropeway Sanroku Station (15min; ¥210).

Moiwa-yama Ski Area

Seasonal Jotetsu buses run from Makomanai subway station (¥210).