Set on the upper stream of Toyohira-gawa in the northern part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park, Jozankei (定山渓) is Sapporo’s main onsen resort surrounded by forested mountains. It is well worth a day trip or an overnight from Sapporo for a relaxing. This onsen is named after the founder Miizumi Jozan (美泉定山: 1805-1877). More info

How to Explore the Town

Jozan Gensen Park (定山源泉公園: 7am-9pm; Free) is the main foot bath.

Iwato Kannon-do (岩戸観音堂) is a small temple that has 33 statues of memorial kannon (buddhist merciful of deity) in the artificial cave drilled by the road constriction company in 1936. There is a free open-air ashi-yu (footbath) beside the temple.

Just a short walk from Taro-no-yu (太郎の湯: 7am-8pm; Free) footbath on Route 230 and passing under the Jozankei Ohashi (定山渓大橋) bridge from a right side narrow slope, you will reach the red suspension bridge Takayama-bashi (高山橋) cross over the river.

On the upstream side, there is an another red suspension bridge of Futami Tsuribashi (二見吊橋) and footpath.

Day Bathing

Most hotels open their attractive baths for nonguests around ¥1000. We recommend going to the Nukumori-no-yado Furukawa (Noon-3pm) or the Hotel Shikanoyu (1-8pm), close to the Tsukimi-bashi.

Getting There

From Sapporo Station bus terminal stop 12, Jotetsu Bus 8 runs to Jozankei (70min; ¥790) via Koganeyu. Jotetsu Bus 7 (6 daily; 1.5hrs) and the comfy Kappa Liner (7 daily; 70min; reserved-seat) continues to Hoheikyo Onsen (¥960) via Jozankei.

One-day Hot Spring Package

(温泉日帰りパック: Adult ¥2200, child ¥1100) A cut-price package including Jotetsu Bus unlimited one-day pass and a day bathing ticket for one facility in Koganeyu, Jozankei or Hoheikyo. It sells Sapporo Station bus terminal ticket office (7.30am-6pm) at stop 12, tourist information center at Sapporo Station and on board. Kappa Liner also can be used. More info