On a hillside forest setting, Sapporo Art Park (札幌芸術の森: Geijutsu-no-mori) contains the modern exhibition halls and workshops.

The main attraction is open-air Sapporo Sculpture Garden (9.45am-5pm late Apr-early Nov; ¥700) with 74 unique works by Japanese famous artists and Norway’s best sculptor Gustav Vigeland. From January to March, you can borrow snowshoes and walk in the sculpture garden (admission free).

The Museum of Contemporary Art (admission varies by exhibition) houses changing exhibition of local arts, anime and cinema. More info www.artpark.or.jp

Getting There

From Makomanai subway station, take the Chuo Bus 102 for Geijutsu-no-mori Center (15min; ¥300; 1-day pass is not available).