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Summer sees the narrow but attractive island of Rebun-to (礼文島) fill with nature lovers and hikers. Although the altitude is low but the latitude is high, you can admire lovely and colorful alpine flowers from June to August. Hiking is the main activity in Rebun-to from south to north of the island, numerous scenic trails across the bamboo grass hills and alpine plant gardens.


Location 60km west of Wakkanai, 20km north of Rishiri-to

Population 2400

Highlights Momo-iwa Trail, Eight-hour Trail

Tourist Information Rebun Island Tourist Information Center (礼文島観光案内所): Kafuka ferry terminal / 9am-5pm Apr-mid Oct / www.rebun-island.jp


Momo-iwa Trail

桃岩展望台コース / Momo-iwa Tenbodai Course / 6.5km / 3hrs

The scenic trail affords the fine views of coastal cliffs, valleys, Momo-iwa (桃岩: Peach Rock) and the solitary Motochi Lighthouse (元地灯台). Starting from Kafuka on foot, the trailhead is opposite Reiko-ji temple (700m northwest of the ferry terminal).
For Shiretoko on the southern edge of the trail, several buses run from the ferry terminal (8min).


Eight-hour Trail

8時間コース / Hachi-jikan Course / 22km / 8-10hrs

Rebun’s longest trail cuts across the changeable west coast takes you to northernmost point of the island via superb cliffs, capes and hills. The best starting point is the windy cape of Sukoton-misaki (スコトン岬) overlooking Todo-jima (海馬島: Sea Lion Island).

Passing through the Edoya Mountain Pass (江戸屋山道) via the scenic cape of Gorota-no-misaki (ゴロタの岬), you will reach the rocky cape of Sukai-misaki (澄海岬) with a seasonal restaurant.
From here, the steep but picturesque trail leads to Kafukai (香深井). If you enjoy a half-day hiking from Sukoton-misaki, follow this trail to Sukai-misaki and heading north to the lake Kushu-ko (久種湖) or Hamanaka (浜中) bus stop.


Kita-no-Canaria Park

北のカナリアパーク / Shiretoko / 9am-5pm May-Oct / FREE / Wi-Fi

On the southern hills of Rebun is the location site of the Kita-no-Canaria-tachi film (2013), setting for the reproduced nostalgic wooden school overlooking the ocean. It is about a 15-minute walk from Dai-ni Sashitoji (第二差閉) bus stop on the bus route for Shiretoko.


Rebun Town Historical Museum

ピスカ21・礼文町郷土資料館 / Waushi, Kafuka-mura / 8.30am-5pm May-Oct / Closed Mon May & late Oct / ¥300 / rebun-museum.org

Located inside the Pisuka 21 municipal hall near the ferry terminal, this small museum tells the history and nature of Rebun from fishing to archaeological finds.


Rebun-to Onsen Usuyuki-no-yu

礼文島温泉うすゆきの湯 / 961-1 Betsushu, Kafuka-mura / Noon-10pm Apr-Sep, 1-9pm Oct-Mar / ¥600 / www.usuyuki.jp

Just a 3-minute walk north of the ferry terminal along the port, Usuyuki-no-yu is a good place for refreshment after hiking or waiting for a ship. Look out for Rishiri-to from an ocean-view open-air bath.



Rebun’s main port is Kafuka (香深) on the southeast of the island. Heartland Ferry operates year-round ferries from Wakkanai (2hrs) and Oshidomari (45min) on Rishiri-to.
From June to September, there is also a ferry service between Kafuka and Kutsugata on the west of Rishiri-to (40min).


All buses are operated by Soya Bus (www.soyabus.co.jp).
From Kafuka ferry terminal, there are three bus lines to Sukoton (スコトン: 1hr) on the northern tip of the island, Motochi (元地: 10min) on the western fishing village, and Shiretoko (知床: 8min) on the southern tip of the island.
For Sukoton, buses stop at Kafukai (香深井), Nairo (内路) at the trailhead of Rebun-dake, Funadomari-honcho (船泊本町), Hamanaka (浜中) on the way to Sukai-misaki and Edoya (江戸屋).
In summer, additional buses (観光シャトル: kanko shuttle) run for Momo-iwa Tozanguchi (桃岩登山口: trailhead of Momo-iwa), Neko-iwa (猫岩: Cat Rock) near the youth hostel, and Kita-no-Canaria Park (北のカナリアパーク).

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