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Otaru is a nostalgic port town grew rapidly since the 1880s, a number of major trading companies and banks opened branch offices. This city has overtaken Sapporo in population during the Meiji period. Today the historic buildings and stone warehouses still remain throughout the city.

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Strolling & Cruising Around Nostalgic Otaru Canal

From the Meiji to Taisho periods, Otaru was called the Mercantile City of the North. The historic attractions are dotted around the canal neighborhood. Walking is a good way to explore the city.

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Finding Local Souvenirs Around Sakaimachi-dori

Sakaimachi-dori is lined with souvenirs, seafood, sweets and handmade glass craft shops. The city’s glass craft has a long history, especially ukidama (float balls) were used for fishing by lightlamp.

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Exploring Around Otaru Coast

With its gorgeous herring ‘palaces’, interesting museums and coastal trails, Otaru’s scenic coastlines make a perfect excursion from the city center.

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Discovering the Modest Sights in Yamanote

Otaru’s hidden jewel, you will find several modest historic buildings, temples and churches around Yamanote hillside residential area.

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Climbing Up to Tengu-yama for City Views

Goryokaku was Japan’s first Western-style fort built in 1864 and some 1600 beautiful cherry trees bloom in spring. Looking down on the star-shaped park from Goryokaku Park.

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Tasting Delicious at the Local Markets & Breweries

Otaru is famous for its fresh seafood such as nishin (herring), shako (squilla) and uni (sea urchin). Many historic buildings and warehouses have been transformed into restaurants and cafes with a tasteful atmosphere.

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