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OTARU is a nostalgic port town grew rapidly since the 1880s, a number of major trading companies and banks opened branch offices. This city has overtaken Sapporo in population during the Meiji period. Today the historic buildings and stone warehouses still remain throughout the city.


Central Otaru

Strolling from the nostalgic Otaru Canal to Sakai-machi shopping street.

& Yamanote

Otaru’s hidden jewel, you will find modest historic buildings around Yamanote.

Otaru Coast
& Shukutsu

Otaru’s scenic coastlines make a perfect excursion from the city center.

Shioya & Ranshima

Western Otaru offers good hiking trails and pleasant beaches.

Guide Map

Getting There

TRAIN: The rapid Airport runs from Sapporo (32min) and New Chitose Airport (1hr 10min). The last train from Otaru back to Sapporo is 11.10pm. There are also local trains for Kutchan and Oshamanbe on the JR Hakodate Line.

BUS: There are frequent highway bus services from Sapporo (1hr / one-way ¥620 / return ¥1160).