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Just 10km north of Furano, Nakafurano is a dream destination for flower lovers and one of Hokkaido’s top summer travel destinations. In July the scenic hillside gardens are covered with lavender. The big attraction here is Farm Tomita. Nakafurano’s lavender gardens can be easily explored on foot from the train stations.


Location About 45km south of Asahikawa via Biei (22km), About 10km north of Furano on the JR Furano Line

Population 4800

Highlights Farm Tomita

Tourist Information JR Nakafurano Station Tourist Information (JR中富良野駅観光案内所): 8 Nishi-machi / 9am-5pm Jun-Aug / nakafukanko.com

Bike Rentals Tateno Cycle (立野サイクル): 8-41 Minami-machi / 6am-6pm May-Oct / A 3-minute walk straight down the street and turn left at the corner of the junior high school from JR Nakafurano Station


Farm Tomita

ファーム富田 / 15 Kisen-kita, Nakafurano-cho / Dawn-dusk in summer, 10am-4.30pm in winter / FREE / www.farm-tomita.co.jp

Hokkaido’s most famous flower garden, Farm Tomita is the birthplace of lavender tourism in Furano Region. They started the cultivation of lavender in 1958 and today this farm has a variety of flower gardens not only lavender but also seasonal colorful flowers.
The Hanabito House (花人の家) and its Dried Flower House (ドライフラワーの家) sells essential oil, potpourri, soap and dried flowers. There are several cafes serving lavender-infused soft-serve ice creams.


Nakafurano Town’s Lavender Garden (Hokusei-yama)

中富良野町営ラベンダー園 / 1-41 Miya-machi, Nakafurano-cho / 24hrs / FREE / Wi-Fi

The town-managed hillside lavender garden is halfway between JR Nakafurano Station and Farm Tomita. For a scenic overviews of town and mountains, take a chairlift (9am-6pm mid Jun-late Aug / return ¥300) or hike to the top of Hokusei-yama (北星山). In winter there is a ski center.



彩香の里 / W1N12 Nakafurano-cho / 8am-5pm Jun-Sep / FREE / ssvr7.jp/saikanosato

Uphill behind JR Nakafurano Station is this fragrant flower garden, known for its lavender fields (bloom around late July) and stupendous views over the Furano Basin.



Nakafurano Station

↓ 12min walk

03 Saika-no-Sato

↓ 15min walk

02 Nakafurano Town’s Lavender Garden (Hokusei-yama)

↓ 10min walk

01 Farm Tomita

↓ 7min walk

Lavender Farm Station (Seasonal)


JR Nakafurano Station (unstaffed) is 70 minutes south of Asahikawa via Biei (30min) and 10 minutes north of Furano on the JR Furano Line. The seasonal Norokko train also stops here. JR Nakafurano Station Tourist Information (9am-5pm Jun-Aug / Wi-Fi / nakafukanko.com) has several brochures and lavender garden maps.

During the flower season (around June to September), the Furano-Biei Norokko Train (ふらの・びえいノロッコ号) stops at Lavender Farm Station (ラベンダー畑駅) , about 500m northeast of Farm Tomita. Nakafurano Station as well.

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