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On the eastern bank of Sosei-gawa, Central Sapporo’s eastern neighborhoods have a more human scale, with old factories, small shops and breweries. Naebo has a variety of factories, warehouses and historical museums on the west bank of Toyohira-gawa.


Sapporo Beer Museum

サッポロビール博物館 / N7W9 Higashi-ku / 11.30am-8pm / Closed 31 Dec-3 Jan / Admission FREE / Guided tour ¥500 /

Inside the magnificent old red brick brewery, built in 1890 and used until 1965, this popular museum displays the history of Sapporo Beer from the Meiji period. You can join a guided tour (twice hourly except Mon / ¥500 with two drinks; in Japanese) or tasting beer at the Star Hall (11am-7pm; from ¥300 per glass, ¥800 with three glasses). Sapporo Bier Garten is adjoining the museum.
From Sapporo Station north gate stop 2, take the direct Chuo Bus 188 to the museum (7min / ¥210)

Timeline of the Sapporo Beer Museum

  • 1890 These red brick buildings is constructed as a sugar factory of Sapporo Seito
  • 1903 Sapporo Beer purchas the sugar factory and transformed into the brewery
  • 1965 The brewery is closed
  • 1966 Sapporo Beer open a beer gallery and a beer hall
  • 1987 Sapporo Beer Museum is officially open


Hokkaido Railway Technical Museum

北海道鉄道技術館 / Tetsudo Gijutsukan / JR Naebo Kojo, N5E13, Higashi-ku / 1.30am-4pm 2nd & 4th Sat / FREE /

Train buffs will like this small museum inside the JR Hokkaido Naebo Factory (苗穂工場), with scale models, old train cabs, obsolete equipment and old photos. Don’t miss the DMV (dual mode vehicle) and steam locomotive C62-3. Sign in at the main gate (north side).


Sapporo Factory

サッポロファクトリー / 1-2 N2E4 Chuo-ku / 10am-10pm /

Sapporo Factory is a large-scale shopping complex on the site of former Sapporo Kaitakushi Brewery (founded in 1876). There are a lot of restaurants, clothing, household goods and souvenir shops with a big atrium. An illuminated Christmas Tree stands from early November to 25 December.

Opposite the west side of the atrium at the corner of Renga-kan (レンガ館) red brick shopping complex, the small direct-sales shop Sapporo Kaitakushi Beer Urisabakisho (札幌開拓使麦酒売捌所: 11am-8pm) offers tasty craft beer for ¥250 per glass. The red brick buildings were used as Sapporo Beer brewery until 1989. There are a limited number of tables inside the shop (plus open-air tables during the warmer months).


Former Residence of Nagayama Takeshiro & Former Dormitory for Mitsubishi Mining Company

旧永山武四郎邸及び旧三菱鉱業寮 / N3E6, Chuo-ku / 9am-10pm / Closed 2nd Wed & New Year’s holiday / FREE /

Immediately outside the Sapporo Factory, this Japanese-Western eclectic building was first built as a residence of Nagayama Takeshiro (director of the agriculture soldiers) in 1877. In the early Showa period, the mining company added a green dormitory. You can see the atmospheric interior at the lovely cafe.


Hokkaido Jingu Tongu

北海道神宮頓宮 / S2W3, Chuo-ku / 24hrs / FREE

Established in 1878 as an auxiliary shrine of Sapporo Jinja (today Hokkaido Jingu), Tongu lies on Minami-ichijo-dori. The shrine office selling a variety of lovely omamori (amulet).


Chitosetsuru Sake Museum

千歳鶴酒ミュージアム / S3E5 Chuo-ku / 10am-6pm / FREE /

Founded in 1872 and Sapporo’s only sake brewery, this small museum displays a limited number of historic tools and posters. You can purchase Chitosetsuru’s sake brands, as well as miso and wine. Staff sells a bottled fresh nama-zake for ¥1500 (720ml) and sake-kasu (lees) ice cream. It is a 5-minute walk south of Bus Center-mae Station (exit 9).

Naebo & Sosei-gawa East Map

Getting There & Around

Bus: Chuo Bus Loop 88 from Sapporo Station (Tokyu Department Store south gate) goes to Sapporo Beer Museum and Sapporo Factory.

SUBWAY: Tozai subway line stops at Bus Center-mae (バスセンター前). Toho subway line stops at Higashi-kuyakusho-mae (東区役所前) near Sapporo Beer Museum.

TRAIN: One stop east of Sapporo, Naebo (苗穂) is a few minutes’ walk to Sapporo Beer Museum.

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