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Moiwa-yama (531m), just 5km southwest of the city center along the tramline, offering breathtaking views over Sapporo, especially after dark. This preserved leafy mountain can be climb by ropeway, car or foot.


Moiwa-yama Ropeway & Morris Car

藻岩山ロープウェイ · もーりすカー / 10.30am-10pm, from 11am winter / Closed maintenance period (Nov or Apr) / Return adult ¥1700, child ¥850 /

Moiwa-yama’s stylish ropeway (5min) and a mini cable car (100 seconds) runs every 15 minutes to the viewing platform via the middle station. You can get a discounted coupon for the ropeway on a tram.


Sapporo Waterworks Museum

札幌市水道記念館 / Suido Kinenkan / 4 Fushimi, Chuo-ku / 9.30am-4.30pm 2nd Sat of Apr-14 Nov / Closed Mon; Guided tour twice weekday (4 times Sat & Sun) / FREE /

Inside Sapporo’s first water purification plant building established in 1937, this family-oriented museum focuses on daily life water in Sapporo. A 30-minute free guided tour is allowed to see the water purification plant. It is a 7-minute walk toward to Asahigaoka direction from Ropeway-iriguchi tram stop.


Sapporo Municipal Central Library

札幌市中央図書館 · 埋蔵文化財センター / 1-1 S22W13, Chuo-ku / 9.15am-8pm weekday, to 5pm Sat & Sun / Closed 2nd & 4th Wed / FREE /

Sapporo’s largest library has a lange of local and foreign-language books on the 2nd floor. There is an archaeological operation center, cafeteria and affordable shokudo. Get off the tram at the Chuo-toshokan-mae.


Tram Bureau

電車事業所 / Densha Jigyosho / 2-20 S21W16, Chuo-ku; 11am & 1pm (Noon on Sat & Sun) mid Apr-mid Nov / FREE /

Opposite the Densha-jigyosho-mae tram stop at the foot of Moiwa-yama, this place offers a free guided tour (in Japanese) of tram depot with working cars. The reception is inside the bureau building.

Moiwa-yama Map

Getting There & Around

Trams (flat ¥200) loop the west side of the city center for Ropeway-iriguchi (ロップウェイ入口: 20min). From where, change a free shuttle bus or a few minutes’ walk to the ropeway Sanroku station. Otherwise, JR Bus 11 runs from Maruyama-koen Station to the ropeway Sanroku Station (15min; ¥210).

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