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Mashike (増毛) is Rumoi Region’s most historic town with fine stone and wooden buildings around the old train station. During the mid Edo to early Showa periods, this town boomed as a herring fishing. It is now a sleepy port town, but it might for an interesting stop on the coastal road trip from Sapporo or a half-day trip from Rumoi.


Location 16km southwest of Rumoi, 115km north of Sapporo

Population 4000

Highlights Historical Buildings around Old Mashike Station

Tourist Information Mashike Tourist Information Center (増毛駅前観光案内所 · 風待食堂): Tel 0136-53-1108 / Opposite Old Mashike Station (Kyu-Mashike-eki), 1 Benten-cho / 9.30am-4.30pm May-Sep / mashike.jp


Historic Mashike

増毛の歴史的建物群 / 1-15 Benten-cho

There are some historic buildings around the 1921 Old Mashike Station (旧増毛駅: Kyu-Mashike-eki) that was the setting for some scenes such as Station and Shin Abashiri Bangaichi played by Takakura Ken. The rail line from Rumoi was scrapped in 2016, but the old train station is a good starting point for a stroll the town.


Old Maruichi-Honma Residence

旧商家丸一本間家 / 1 Benten-cho / 10am-5pm late Apr-early Nov / Closed Thu except Jul & Aug / ¥400 / honmake.blogspot.jp

Dating from 1875 as a marchant’s home near the old train station, the founder of Kunimare Sake Brewery who had owned a kimono shop and ships. Today it gives an insight into their life, including a cultural Japanese-style living rooms, warehouses and a courtyard. Note that the residence is closed in winter.


Kunimare Sake Brewery

国稀酒造 / 1-17 Inaba-cho / 9am-5pm / Closed New Year’s holiday / FREE / kunimare-world.jp

Rumoi Region’s only sake brewery founded in 1882, pure spring water from the Mashike Mountains go into tasty sake brewed here. The 1902 sakagura (sake stonehouses) whisks you through brewing history and processes, samples of all sake brands are available from the friendly staff.


Mashike Itsukushima Jinja

増毛厳島神社 / Tel 0164-53-2306 / 3 Benten-cho / 24hrs / Main building ¥300

Constructed in 1826 by Shinoda Sokichi, this compact shrine boasts 77 ceiling paintings and wood carvings. You will need to by appointment or ask for a tourist information office if you want to see inside (¥300). It is opposite the town hall.



01 Old Mashike Station (bus stop)

↓ 1min walk

02 Old Maruichi-Honma Residence

↓ 1min walk

03 Kunimare Sake Brewery

↓ 5min walk

04 Mashike Itsukushima Jinja

↓ 4min walk

01 Old Mashike Station (bus stop)


Kyu-Mashike-eki (旧増毛駅), the town’s main bus stop is located in front of the old train station. Engan Bus operates a direct bus from Sapporo departing at 4.10pm for Rumoi via Ofuyu and Mashike (2hrs 20min).
Local buses running from Rumoi-ekimae (near JR Rumoi Station) to Kyu-Mashike-eki (9 daily / 30min) continue to O-Betsukari (大別苅: 50min).

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