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Kuriyama (栗山: meaning ‘chestnut mountain’) is a neat agricultural town in Southern Sorachi, about 45km east of Sapporo. It is famous for both its sake and kibi-dango (rectangular millet dumpling).


Location 45km northeast of Sapporo, 20km south of Iwamizawa

Population 11,000

Highlights Kobayashi Sake Brewery

Tourist Information Kurimu Plaza (栗夢プラザ): 2-92 Chuo / 10am-5pm / www.kurimu-plaza.com


Kobayashi Sake Brewery

小林酒造 / 3-109 Nishiki; 10am-5pm, to 4pm Nov-Mar / Closed 31 Dec-3 Jan / FREE / www.kitanonishiki.com

Hokkaido’s oldest sake brewery established in 1878, this cultural place has 18 stone and red brick kura (warehouses). The Kita-no-nishiki Memorial Museum (北の錦記念館) exhibits items of artistic drinking vessel in the 1944 old office building. All sake brands are using Hokkaido rice. There are two nice restaurants on-site.

The 1897 Kobayashi-ke Residence(小林家住宅: 10am-5pm, to 4pm Nov-Mar; Closed Wed) is now a pleasant cafe and shop, guided tours (¥1000 incl tea and sweets; call ahead) show you inside the old living rooms.

It is about 1km northwest of JR Kuriyama Station. From Shin-Sapporo Station bus terminal stop 12, take a Kuriyama-bound Yutetsu Bus via Ebetsu and get off at Honmon-ji-mae (本門寺前).



BUS: For JR Kuriyama Station, the best way from Sapporo Station is the Chuo Bus (9 daily / 70min) Kosoku Kuriyama-go (高速くりやま号) and Kosoku Yubari-go (高速ゆうばり号).
Yutetsu Bus runs between JR Shin-Sapporo Station stop 12 and Kuriyama Station (80min) via Nopporo bus terminal in Ebetsu.

TRAIN: Kuriyama is serviced by local trains between Iwamizawa (7 daily / 22min) and Tomakomai (6 daily / 1hr) on the JR Muroran Line. From Sapporo (80min) by local train via the JR Hakodate Line, require a change at Iwamizawa.

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