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Agricultural town Kamishihoro (上士幌) is beautifully sited on Northern Tokachi. It is a good base for cycling in the nearby picturesque countryside and highlands, as well as organic cafes.


Naitai Kogen Farm

ナイタイ高原 / 85-2 Kami-Otofuke / Late Apr-late Oct / FREE

Japan’s largest public farm (1700-hectare) on the highland grassy meadow, Naitai Kogen has a 7km-long road to the hilltop Terrace Cafe (10am-5pm, to 4pm Oct) with spectacular views of the Tokachi Plain. The road to Naitai Kogen Farm is open between Late April to late October.

Kamishihoro Map

Getting There

From Obihiro Station bus terminal, Tokachi Bus 49, Takushoku Bus 61 and 62 runs to Kamishihoro (13 daily / 70min). Kamishihoro Transport Terminal (上士幌交通ターミナル) is the main bus station. There are no buses to the farm.

Getting Around

Rental bicycles (late Apr-late Oct; 9am-4pm, to 5pm Jul & Aug; from ¥500 per day). In Central Kamishihoro are available from the following shops except Sunday:
Cycle Store Ichikawa (サイクルストア市川) About 200m west of Kamishihoro Transport Terminal bus station. Sakai Jitensha Shokai (酒井自転車商会) At Kamishihoro’s main intersection. Get off the local bus at the Kamishihoro Yubinkyoku-mae (上士幌郵便局前).

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