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Sorachi Region’s capital and transport hub founded in 1878, Iwamizawa (岩見沢) is a good base of visit the old coal mine towns, such as Mikasa and Bibai.

Iwamizawa | 岩見沢



Iwamizawa Park

いわみざわ公園 794 Shibun-cho 9am-5pm mid Apr-early Nov Free Wi-Fi

Rose fans should visit this park, with more than 8000 lovely blooms set in the 4-hectare bara-en (バラ園) from late June to mid October. There is also a greenhouse Shikisai-kan (四季彩館 9am-5pm ¥100) that is open throughout year. From Iwamizawa bus terminal next to the train station, take the Chuo Bus 13 for Moyo Koryu Center (毛陽交流センター) and get off at Iwamizawa Koen (¥210).

From the rose garden, you can climb up to the hilltop Miharashidai (見晴台 137m) observation deck overlooking the Ishikari Plain.


Maple Lodge

メープルロッジ ● Tel 0126-46-2222 ● 183 Moyo-cho ● Day bathing 11am–8pm ● ¥800 ●

This leafy place has a Canadian-lodge vibe, a comfortable onsen and a restaurant (11.30am–9pm). From Iwamizawa bus terminal, take the Chuo Bus 13 for Moyo Koryu Center (毛陽交流センター) and get off at the Maple Lodge-mae (メープルロッジ前 ¥740). Chuo Bus sells the cut-price package Maple Lodge Bus Set Ticket (メープルロッジバスセット券) at Sapporo (¥3240) and Iwamizawa (¥1710) bus terminals, including a round-trip bus ticket to the Maple Lodge and a day bathing ticket. A free shuttle service from Iwamizawa Station (at 3.45pm) is available for overnight guests, if you call ahead by the day before.




BEST TIME Iwamizawa Park’s rose season (June to September). The following itinerary is available throughout the year.

10:00 Sapporo Station

⬇︎ Limited express Lilac 11 for Asahikawa

10:25 Iwamizawa Station

⬇︎ 2min walk

10:35 Iwamizawa Terminal

⬇︎ Chuo Bus 13 for Moyo Koryu Center (毛陽交流センター) ● ¥210

10:51 Iwamizawa Koen (いわみざわ公園)

⬇︎ 1min walk

10:52 ★ Iwamizawa Park ● Miharashidai ● Pizzeria Lucci

⬇︎ 1min walk

13:19 Iwamizawa Koen

⬇︎ Chuo Bus 13 for Moyo Koryu Center

13:42 Maple Lodge-mae (メープルロッジ前)

⬇︎ 1min walk

13:43 ♨︎ Maple Lodge

⬇︎ 1min walk

15:50 Maple Lodge-mae

⬇︎ Chuo Bus 13 for Iwamizawa Terminal (岩見沢ターミナル)

16:28 Iwamizawa Terminal

➡︎ Iwamizawa Station 16:35 ··· Local train ··· Sapporo Station 17:19

➡︎ Iwamizawa Station 16:55 ··· Limited express train Kamui 29 ··· Asahikawa Station 17:55


TRAIN: Limited express trains run to Iwamizawa from Sapporo (25min) and Asahikawa (1hr) on the JR Hakodate Line. Frequent local trains runs between Sapporo and Iwamizawa (40min). There is also a rail link between Tomakomai and Iwamizawa (1.5hrs) on the JR Muroran Line.

BUS: Iwamizawa bus terminal (岩見沢バスターミナル) is located inside the community plaza next to the train station. Highway buses run from and to Sapporo Station (1hr) every 15 minutes.
From Iwamizawa, local buses run to Tsukitaga via Kitamura Onsen, Ikushunbetsu-cho via Mikasa Shimin Kaikan, Bibai, Kuriyama, Naganuma and Shinshinotsu Onsen (via JR Kami-Horomui Station).


Tourist Information & Bike Rentals Iwamizawa Tourism Association (岩見沢観光協会): 9am-5.30pm Bike rentals (9am-5pm mid Apr-Oct)


Mikasa Head northeast from Iwamizawa to explore the colliery-era heritages and museums.

Kuriyama 30 minutes south of Iwamizawa by train, this town boasts an atmospheric sake brewery on the way to Tomakomai.

Tsukigata Founded as Hokkaido’s first prison in 1881. Kitamura Onsen and the birdwatching paradise Miyajima-numa are good stopover points.

Shinshinotsu Head west of Iwamizawa by bus for this agricultural village, with a popular campsite and an onsen around the pretty lake.

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