Hokkaido’s second largest city of Asahikawa lies on the Kamikawa Basin. The city is straddles the clear rivers and laid out in a grid pattern, with its varied attractions, bustling izakaya, ramen spots and craft studios.


Getting There & Around

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TO DO 01

See Ecosystems at Asahiyama Zoo

Japan’s northernmost zoo features wildlife of Hokkaido, cold areas and Africa. Here you can watch animals such as both brown and polar bears, foxes, eagles, monkeys, tigers, wolves, deers, seals and penguins.

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Cycling in Asahikawa

Asahikawa’s main attractions are rather spread out, so use a rental bike from the train station is a best way to explore in the city during the warmer months.

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Tasting Asahikawa Ramen

Asahikawa is widely known for its ramen, which uses a soup base of shoyu, pork fat and dashi (dried fish stock). In the 80-plus ramen shops dotted throughout the city.

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Check Out Asahikawa Crafts & Furnitures

Asahikawa’s large-scale Design Center has a selection of furniture and unique woodcrafts made in Asahikawa and its surroundings, you can see and purchase them.

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See Kawamura Kaneto’s Ainu Museum

Founded in 1916 as Japan’s first Ainu culture museum, it houses a one-room displays of about 500 artefacts and documents collected by the region’s Ainu chief Kawamura Kaneto who was a railroad engineer.

TO DO 06

Skiing & Snowboarding

From beginners to advanced, there are scenic ski areas around Asahikawa. Ski passes are not expensive than other ski resorts in Northern Hokkaido, and full equipment rental is available. The best ski areas around the city are Kamui Ski Links, Pippu and Santa Present Park.

TO DO 07

Getting Into Takasago Onsen

Known as the ofuro-no-depaato (spa complex), this Showa-style popular bathhouse on a hill is not real onsen except the kazoku-buro (private baths), but locals much loved the daiyokujo (communal baths) that has a wide variety of unique indoor and open-air baths like a maze.

TO DO 08

Strolling Through Sanroku-gai

Asahikawa has an extensive choice of izakaya, sunakku (pubs) and bars around the Sanroku-gai (3jo-dori 6-chome) district in the evening. Many places lie along Showa-dori.