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日高 | POPULATION 64,000

Hemmed in by the Hidaka Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, this sun-kissed region is Japan’s top racehorse breeding ground with countless stables. The scenic coastal byway runs between Tomakomai and Tokachi, passes through the dramatic windy cape Erimo-misaki. Hidaka’s main river Saru-gawa winds for Nibutani, one of Hokkaido’s most famous Ainu villages with excellent cultural museums.


Biratori & Nibutani

Seeing a great collection of Ainu artifacts.

Shinhidaka (Shizunai)

Admiring the engaging racehorse stables and cherry trees.


Touring one of the world’s greatest blood-horse training centers.


Discovering Apoi-dake Global Geopark and eight attractive views.


Wandering around the stunning Erimo-misaki.


This mountain town is a good base for rafting, skiing and hiking.

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Getting There

TRAIN Currently the trains on the JR Hidaka Line from Tomakomai end in Mukawa. Alternative buses run between Mukawa and Samani (4hrs) with require a change at Shizunai.

BUS: Donan Bus operates the Pegasus-go (ペガサス号) from Sapporo to Urakawa (7 daily / 3hrs 45min / Compulsory reservation by the day before) on the Thoroughbred Road Hidaka. Tokachi Bus connects Hiroo with Obihiro (2hrs 20min) on Route 236 in Tokachi Region.

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