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The northernmost city of the Ishikari Plain (and Sorachi Region) that has a nickname Rice Land, Fukagawa is a jumping-off point for Rumoi, Hokuryu, Horokanai and Shumarinai-ko. The city has a variety of orchards, cycle paths, trails and soba restaurants.


You can hire an electric bike (電動アシスト自転車) at JR Fukagawa Station Tourist Information Center (10am-5pm Apr-Oct / three e-bikes / ¥1000 for a day).


Art Hall Toshukan

アートホール東州館 / 2nd floor of Fukagawa Keizai Center, 1-19-19 Fukagawa / 10am-6pm / Closed Mon / FREE

If you just wait for a train or bus, stop by this gallery on the 2nd floor of the keizai center (深川経済センター) building, immediately to the left as you exit to JR Fukagawa Station. It has a collection of local-born calligrapher Ogawa Toshu and oil painter Matsushima Masayuki.


Michi-no-eki Riceland Fukagawa

道の駅ライスランドふかがわ / 59-7 Hirosato / 9am-7pm, to 5pm Nov-Mar /

Drop in this popular michi-no-eki (roadside station) at the crossroads of Route 12 and Route 233. It has an excellent speciality shop, cafe, restaurant, bento (boxed lunch) shop and tourist information office. There is also a 24-hour convenience store 7-Eleven.


Kunimi Park

国見公園 / 122 Kunimi

About 1.7km east of Otoe Post Office (音江郵便局), this modest park sits on the scenic Kunimi Pass (国見峠: at 154m) on former Route 12, with good views over the rice fields and Ishikari-gawa.


Agri Studio Maabu

アグリ工房まあぶ / 600 Otoe / 9am-10pm / Day bathing ¥500 /

This hillside onsen complex is a good place to rest during a cycling, with open-air baths. There is also a restaurant.


Totoro Pass

戸外炉峠 / Totoro-toge

This scenic hillside pass overlooking the city is the same name as a Studio Ghibli’s famous movie My Neighbor Totoro, with a cat bus (!).

Fukagawa Map

Suggested Itinerary

Fukagawa Station
01 Art Hall Toshukan

↓ 3.5km by bike

02 Michi-no-eki Riceland Fukagawa

↓ 2.5km by bike

03 Kunimi Park

↓ 3km by bike

04 Agri Studio Maabu

↓ 6km by bike

Fukagawa Station

Getting There

TRAIN: All limited express trains connects Fukagawa with Sapporo (1hr) and Asahikawa (20min) on the JR Hakodate Line. Local trains run from Iwamizawa (1hr), Asahikawa (25min) and Rumoi (1hr).

BUS: From JR Fukagawa Station, JR Bus depart for Horokanai (7 daily / 70min) continue to Nayoro via Shumarinai.
From Fukagawa Shiritsu Byoin (深川市立病院) city hospital (about 800m south of the train station), highway buses run to Sapporo (4 daily / 2hrs). There are local buses for Hokuryu Onsen (7 daily / 35min).

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